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Architecture is not simply an external benefit – a well-dressed ‘shell’ of a structure on a site. It is about well-crafted, well-organised, considered spaces that enhance living. Fundamentally, all human beings live and function the same way, this means that we all require the same basic needs for our homes – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living spaces – yet the success of our interior comes down to the relationships which exist between these spaces.

Interior architecture is about providing functional, beautiful spaces that will stand the test of time, ready for fittings and fixtures to be inserted and adapted as fashions change. Be it a new build or an alteration, where our clients envision having their morning coffee, eating lunch, entertaining friends and living in their home is influenced by the internal spaces they have available. In order to create designs, tailored specifically for each client, we need to understand how they live and how they want to live. Allowing us to approach the design process with a holistic view, connecting the interior to the site, climate and the way the clients will interact and experience their spaces.

Interior architecture allows the provision of a cohesive and co-ordinated design from the inside out. One cannot exist without the other, yet the success of the interior is intrinsically linked to the success of the exterior.

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  • Alistair and Carol

    Even when we were satisfied with the design South Architects had produced, the team was certain that it needed something more, enhancing it further, exceeding what we could have imagined. It is fantastic working with true professionals who care and love what they are doing.

  • Clive Barrington

    South Architects have a commitment to design, innovation and communication and a firm dedication to manage project delivery in terms of budget and timeframe, this coupled with their outstanding documentation make them an absolute pleasure to work with.

  • Russell and Jennifer

    Our house looks spectacular and we are delighted with the result. It is fair to say that without the input of South Architects it would not have been constructed with the astounding attention to detail that has been achieved.

  • Wayne Murray

    There is also nothing better than working with a team who know what they are talking about, who are fluent with the project, passionate about detail and who produce excellent documentation. South Architects set the bar when it comes to these attributes