Instead of jumping on a plane to Europe to dodge decisions, I know we need to initiate new members into our team to get this project off the ground. So far, our design team has simply consisted of the four of us but to achieve the result we want, our design team will need to expand, incorporating a builder and engineer.

When recommending an external consultant to clients, I consider the best fit for the project and for the personalities involved, the uniqueness of the build and competency of the consultant but most importantly I want my clients to work with Good Bastards. Naturally, we want the same when selecting our team.  Not only that, we want a team that is excited by the opportunity and therefore, will be intrinsically motivated to go beyond the normal course of the project. As an architect, I am guilty of occasionally having a set of blinkers on but ultimately, I only kn
ow what I know, so we need a team who are creative, innovative and prepared to challenge the way we think. The whole notion of what we are trying to ac
hieve; challenging the way we live, testing convention, should engage the right team, and push them to test the outcomes we would normally expect.

Having both an engineer and builder in mind, my job now is to market the project in such a way they would be compelled to
jump on our design train. The first step is to approach Jade Kirk. I have known him for a long time, we have worked together many times and he is a great engineer. I know a lot of good engineers in Christchurch but Jade is unique, he is very innovative and thinks in a lateral way, similar to an architect. He doesn’t necessarily focus on finding the solution until he fully understands the problem and isn’t constrained by the most common outcomes, instead applies various solutions and selects the best rather than simply the first.

In terms of builders, one sprung to mind instantaneously, Aaron Kells of California Homes. Early on in our design process I had identified a direct relationship between the cost of building and distance from a main centre. Obviously building in Hanmer is going to cost us more than building in Christchurch therefore the design needed to reduce the time spent on site thus reducing overall cost. Our builder needs good experience with pre-fabrication, Aaron has specialist knowledge in modular and pre-fab building and would be an asset to the team. A very excitable builder, Aaron really buys into innovative ideas and wants to be working in an environment where he can add value through his specific skills and knowledge.

At this stage, I have basic scribbles in place but I know the more people I have looking at the same problem, the more creative the outcome will be. And we want a creative outcome! Now that the team has been selected, there are even bigger decisions on the horizon. Involving new people into the project is a scary time, we can only hope they embrace the ethos of what we are doing and truly pull together as a team.

With Christmas fast approaching, I am looking forward to taking break, relaxing and focussing on family. I’m sure we will find time to visit Hanmer over the holidays which will no doubt inspire changes to our initial design thoughts. Hopefully, the break will also give Aaron and Jade time to reflect on the project and, with a bit of luck, they will be back in the New Year, fully engaged, passionate and bursting with innovative ideas.

Published on Friday, December 23rd, 2016