Right from the outset we’ve had a vision of camping when we thought about the bach. It will be the anthesis of our Merivale home and we want our interior spaces to evoke memories of camping from my childhood. We see the bach feeling like the little cabin the camping ground; the space, the conditions and the colours and finishes. We feel that our form and design reflects this concept, we just have to find the appropriate furniture and ‘stuff’ to put in it.

Thinking about the ‘stuff’ we take camping, it is often an eclectic mix of furniture, fabric and utensils. Our camping gear is a combination of classic treasures passed down from family members and aging items that have been removed from regular rotation at home and are now deemed ‘camping’ stuff. Little matches yet it all fits together, there is some order amongst the chaotic mixture of things. Organised chaos; disorder within the order. There needs to be some planning to ensure our bach doesn’t become filled with a random collection of things appropriate for the dump!

We are lucky that one of our clients own a second-hand store with some amazing retro pieces. We start by kicking around her store, getting an idea of what’s around and what we like. It is here we stumble upon a Crown Lynn dinner service that I love. It doesn’t get much more Kiwi than Crown Lynn Autumn Splendour!! Ange isn’t so keen on the dinner service but it gives us a place to start. To bring some order to the chaos, we decide that although nothing should match, it does have to be Crown Lynn. We want the things in our bach to almost feel like a box of stuff someone gave you once, it doesn’t necessarily match but somehow it still all works together. The first thing we actually purchase is a salt and pepper set!

After that initial purchase, we start scouring the second-hand stores in Christchurch and spend around 6 months picking up bits and pieces as we see them. We’ve even found some light fittings for over the dining table that follow in the same design language.

In a rather fortunate turn of events, our client decided to close her second-hand store recently and gave us the opportunity to have a good rummage through everything before she sold it as a whole collection. We purchase several items of furniture from her, including a formica table that is unbelievably similar to one we gave away to a second-hand store over ten years ago!

It feels as though everything we are buying to put in the bach has been loved and it’s like we are giving things a new lease on life! The forms and colours all flow together, not matching but joined by a common thread. Not necessarily retro but rather things you would expect to see in a classic Kiwi bach, things your Grandparents might have stored in their garage.

This has been a really fun part of the process, combing through second-hand stores and chancing upon bargains. It has been a nice way to ensure Ange and the girls continue to be involved throughout the process too.

Hopefully the whole concept will come together!

Published on Wednesday, April 19th, 2017