Although in my last blog I raved about how wonderfully the Plan A and Plan B system had been working for us, I may have spoken a little too soon! Cyclone Debbie has meant Plan B has been in action for some time and so we are rapidly approaching the end of interiors. But unfortunately, due to all the wet weather, Plan A just hasn’t been happening.

Our painter has almost finished, in fact he is getting a little frustrated sharing such a small space with so many other contractors who are busy completing whatever they can inside while the rain pours outside. They haven’t even been able to run a power tool outside!! There is really only the last of the finishing work to complete inside, the fire to install (including Aaron’s one of a kind concrete fire shell), the skirtings and some hardware to be fitted.

And yet the forecast remains bad.

The weekend has bought with it a lot of stress, I spent most of Saturday worrying about the weather and what effect it may have on the final budget and time-frame. I still can’t be 100% sure what the final total will be. Now we are at the tail end of things, we are beginning to look at the big picture and how we are going to occupy the space. We made the decision to buy new towels and linens for home and take all our older sheets etc. to that bach. Which meant shopping for new towels and sheets! As this hadn’t been accounted for in the original budget, And I was already stressing about the weather, I really wasn’t in the mood to be sheet shopping and worrying about thread counts on Saturday afternoon! Although our list is technically getting smaller, we seem to be bringing it on ourselves to add more and more to it!

On Sunday afternoon, Aaron and I sit down for a cider and a chat. We go over the entire completion of the project and where we go to from here. The interior is ahead of schedule, we’ve booked the commercial cleaner to come a week earlier than expected. All we can do is pray for better weather – we need momentum outside!

Aaron is confident that the exterior should be completed by the second week of the school holidays except for a few bits and pieces like the decking (which is lucky as we are planning to stay in the bach that week!). He is living by the rain radar, doing all he can outside before he needs to pack everything away before the rain starts again. Because of the uncertainty surrounding the weather, we’ve booked the pets in to the cattery and kennels, we might be roughing it a little that first week!

Fingers crossed for some clear days after Cyclone Cook has done its thing!

Published on Thursday, April 13th, 2017