What a difference two weeks can make!

Arriving on site, change is everywhere. The services are all done and in (except for the photovoltaics that are coming in a few days), the inspectors have come and gone and we are all signed off for lining and most importantly, the windows are all in! Which is a nice milestone as the bach is now a lock up shell.

Although there is still some uncertainty about programme, we are getting to the other side and are almost in a position where things can just roll on smoothly until completion. That notion I’ve discussed before of having a great Plan A but also a Plan B and C to back it up, has worked out well. Now it seems we only require a Plan A and a Plan B; if the weather is fine then Plan A is to work on the exterior. But if it’s wet then Plan B kicks into action and interior work can be done. This means there is always progress on site which is a relief being so close to the end.

Now, that the painter is on site and the natural timber has been sanded and polyurethaned and the cladding is going up, we have the opportunity to see how all the finishes will come together. We’ve taken all the colour samples up to the bach to see how all the finishes will work collectively, to make some minor changes and to figure out where to fit the yellow! It’s nice to finally see how our choices look together and, thank goodness, we are really happy with the result!

The fire! I know I had high hopes of creating this wonderful, one of a kind concrete fire shell, to prove I am still a Handy man! But, unfortunately, we have had to think realistically and decided that Aaron is the much better choice to put something together for us. I realised that, although I wanted the fire to be ‘my bit’ in the bach, there is a very high chance of me doing a terrible job and once it’s done, it’s done! I know it wouldn’t be up to our high standards and we would be stuck with a concrete hearth that we hated. It is a train wreck waiting to happen!

I’ve noticed that our builders seem especially fond of the old adage, measure twice, cut once! It’s one of the reasons we chose to work with them; their work is so exceptionally precise and they work hard to ensure there are no mistakes in the final product. This is why we think Aaron is the best person to create our concrete show-piece, his attention to detail will ensure a final product that exceeds our expectations. I’d much prefer to make sure it is done properly rather than let it be the ‘thing’ that I’ll constantly look at with frustration.

My next visit to Hanmer is a Friday afternoon, there are lots of appliances and various other bits and pieces arriving and I want to ensure they arrive safely and in one piece! The kitchen joinery had just been installed as well so I was keen to see how that was coming along.

However, the most exciting part of that visit was, now that the bach is a fully lockable shell, I was given keys! There was something about being handed those keys, it didn’t matter that accommodation had already been arranged for the night, I knew I needed to stay in the bach for the night… of course I was going to!!

So, that Friday night was spent on a mattress on the floor! And it was great! Sure, it wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had, yes there wasn’t any power and admittedly getting to the Portaloo proved challenging but it was just like camping and isn’t that all part of what we are trying to emulate!

Waking in the morning, the landscapers arrive to dig holes and start planting, the whole property is really coming together. With Easter fast approaching, there is still a lot to do before we can spend the week there after Anzac day. But, it’s essentially out of our hands, as the process has continued our lists have gotten shorter and shorter. At this stage, it’s over to Aaron, his team, and the other various contractors to get us over the line. And we can’t wait!

Published on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017