Rob Hull

Senior Technician

Chatty and social, Rob is an entertaining person to have in the office! Although now working in a contracting role, his weekly visits to the office ensure we never have a chance to miss him! Bringing a wealth of experience to the team, Rob has trained as both a builder and an Architectural Designer and successfully ran his own practice for many years. Luckily for us, he loves to share his knowledge and stories with the rest of the team, particularly if there is pinot to be consumed!

Over the years, Rob has become our resident expert in scoping damage and assisting in remediation planning for projects resulting from the Christchurch earthquakes which are definitely useful skills to have in the team. An accomplished outdoorsman, Rob is often found tramping in the high country or roaming the port hills on his mountain bike. Generous with his time and his knowledge, Rob is a handy man to have around.