Meghan Ferguson

Office Administrator

After completing a degree in Primary Teaching, Meghan decided she was ready for a new challenge. Quickly discovering that coordinating a team of architects and designers often requires similar skills used to educate 5 year olds! Although most of her time is spent at the front desk, Meghan knows her most important task is to ensure Cymon always has a coffee (or pinot) in his hand! Bringing a diverse range of skills to the team, Meghan is as at home answering phones and chatting to clients as she is managing team building events and social functions.

With a love for good food and for cooking, Meghan spends her time cooking for family and friends, dining out in the city or day dreaming about what she will cook next. Although she does enjoy sharing her passion for food with the team, some would prefer that meant simply bringing food to share and not organising team events where everyone must cook!