Ella Zhang

Architectural Technician

Ella loves to explore Christchurch and can often be found at her local markets, finding new food to try and making friends with the stall operators. She loves to spend time with friends, dining out and catching up, but always ensures she has time for some quiet meditation on her own to refresh her mind and improve her wellbeing. A high achiever, Ella is always looking for ways to enhance her skills and takes all opportunities she can to learn from others in the office. Although her work can sometimes be challenging, Ella takes great satisfaction in finding a solution and completing a job well done.

As she hunts for her first home, Ella has the chance to appreciate and familiarise herself with a variety of architecture styles and techniques. A bit of a free spirit, she strongly believes that anything that happens in life is a chance to learn, this is especially true living in a different country and engaging in the culture. Ella enjoys the social side of working at ALLSO and is always keen to get involved and experience something new.