Doug Johnson

Practice Manager

After living in multiple countries around the world, including China, USA and Thailand, Doug settled in Christchurch with his family some years ago. However, the thick Montana accent and cattle rancher attitude remains! A keen tramper, Doug was drawn to New Zealand’s unique landscape, and although enjoying many outdoor pursuits together, it is tennis that his boys excel at. A sport requiring a lot of dedication not only from the boys but from Doug and his wife juggling pick-ups and drop-offs every other day.

Architecture has always interested Doug; in fact, it was his original choice for a career path. However, upon learning an engineer would earn a higher starting salary, his teenage logic deemed engineering the much preferable option. As it turns out, Doug has since recognised his complete lack of design flair and creativeness and probably wouldn’t have been a particularly successful architect after all! Instead his passion lies in the business side of the practice, ensuring he is the counterbalance to the creative members of the team; providing a number focused, logical view to help make all the pieces of the design puzzle fit together. Working in the design industry has allowed Doug to acquire a heightened awareness and appreciation of architecture both locally and internationally, an enjoyment he is endeavouring to share with his family.

Doug maintains a genuine interest in all of our projects and although not directly involved in the design process, is excited to be part of making our clients dreams come true.