Cymon Allfrey

Registered Architect

Cymon is lucky enough to be spending 2019 on sabbatical; pursuing his hobbies and teaching architecture. We look forward to his return in 2020.

Architecture may be his career and passion, but Cymon doesn’t allow the long hours to restrict the time he spends with wife, Angela and daughters, Grace and Georgia; or the time he has to spend watching cricket and drinking a good pinot!

Like any parent, Cymon endeavours to create as many experiences and memories for his family as possible and with a shared thirst for adventure and travel, enjoys the opportunity to share such experiences with them around the world. It is during these adventures that Cymon has the chance to blend family and career. Whilst travelling, Cymon appreciates architecture through a different lens and strives to experience as many architectural moments as he can – although this can require some compromise with shopping trips often a higher priority for his girls.

As an architect, Cymon is a very visual person, heavily influenced by the experiences he has, the architecture he encounters, and the way he personally responds to it. He believes that architecture is as much about the emotive response as the physical ‘built form’ and the integrity of architecture is what he is truly passionate about.

Cymon brings a wealth of knowledge to the practice and allows his experience to help inform his designs. He enjoys connecting with clients beyond the project, establishing relationships and allowing this to inform his design. Cymon is dedicated to ensuring his designs enhance the way his clients live, work and play.