Campbell Jones

Architectural Graduate

After spending several summers interning with us, Campbell has completed his studies and joined ALLSO full time. Motivated and ambitious he is working towards his Architectural Registration and is eager to learn from every design experience. Very social in his nature, Campbell fits into the collaborative approach at ALLSO and never shies away from sharing his ideas or opinions. He enjoys exploring projects from both a design and technical perspective and appreciates that the quality of the details are what makes a project outstanding.

Fond of the finer things in life, Campbell enjoys a good brunch… in fact he enjoys dining out for any meal of the day and will be the first to recommend a new restaurant or café. A dedicated runner, he often entertains the team with tales of his daily run over the first morning coffees. After spending his childhood in the country, Campbell has a love of the outdoors, and will take any opportunity to go camping or hiking with friends. Passionate about the Canterbury rebuild, Campbell is excited to see how the innovative architecture produced at ALLSO helps to shape Christchurch in the future.