Angela Pennington

Architectural Graduate

An optimistic and passionate person, Ange is dedicated to reducing the impact she has on the planet. Her love for sustainability transcends all aspects of her life; influencing her work in architecture, at church and all together how she chooses to live her life with husband Chris. Ange definitely has a positive effect at ALLSO, implementing new sustainability initiatives and imparting her vast knowledge to rest of the team.

With her enthusiastic outlook, Ange brings a fresh new perspective to design meetings and, working in such a supportive environment, she isn’t afraid to bring her ideas to the table. Ange is passionate about Christchurch and feels privileged to be a part of rebuilding our beautiful city. She is keen to help shape Christchurch into the best version that it can be. Looking to the future, Ange hopes to combine her passion for the environment and for bespoke architecture and specialise in sustainable housing.

Although kept very busy with a number of projects on the go at once, Ange is never too busy to care for the ALLSO worm farm – one of her many environmentally friendly initiatives!!