Angela Allfrey

Administration and Accounts/Director

As the wife of an architect, Ange finds it very hard to escape the world of architecture! It is lucky she appreciates good design, as most family holidays are centred around the architecture of the region they are visiting! An integral member of the ALLSO team, Ange maintains the financial health of the business; her lively South African temperament comes in handy from time to time! Ange is proud that the culture of ALLSO has always been (and continues to be) one of inclusiveness and, although juggling a hectic schedule with two busy daughters, Ange makes time to get involved in social events, especially if they involve cheese!

While it has been a bit of a journey, now that the Allfrey Family Bach is completed, Ange looks forward to many family holidays in Hanmer, playing backyard cricket and lounging in the sun. Excluding Boxing Day of course, which is permanently set aside for the Boxing Day cricket test! A fun and friendly person to have in the office, Ange is always up for a chat and a coffee and loves the opportunity to find out more about our diverse team.