Andy Chisholm

Architectural Technician

An avid cyclist and a passionate supporter of motorcycling, it is safe to say most weekends Andy is either on a bike or watching them! Amongst his many other hobbies; reading, dining out with friends, watching movies, music and gardening, somehow Andy still finds time for regular weekend escapes with his wife Moira in their caravan. With a passion for learning, Andy is always finding ways to expand his expertise, both in the office and in his personal endeavours. His attention to detail and determination to achieve the best ensures Andy continuously produces quality work.

He is working hard towards achieving his Design Licence and ultimately, when this is accomplished, hopes to enjoy semi-retirement. Balancing work with his countless hobbies and perhaps spending more time traveling, both internationally and within New Zealand. When completing his architectural studies, Andy had already travelled extensively, and enjoyed the opportunity to combine his ‘real life’ experience with his training. He especially enjoyed the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the history of buildings he had already visited, helping him feel connected to his work and further increase his passion. A meticulous hard worker, Andy is an asset to our team. His ability to create delicious gluten free treats is just a bonus.