Let’s talk architecture


Architect Craig South announces a new brand, along with an exciting new group to draw people together with a shared passion for architecture.

It is energising to have started the year with a fresh new brand, South Architects, and to reflect on what that represents. The name change captures the strong partnership within our practice and gives a renewed sense of purpose as we move into the coming year.

While the name is different, we have the same team of creative people on board who love everything about architecture. We share a culture of collaboration and a desire to achieve extraordinary results. Wrapped up in our name, too, is a sense of social responsibility that means we endeavour to create buildings that are completely in sync with their location and community. Above all, we recognise how privileged we are to be invited into our clients’ lives, who entrust us to turn their dreams into architectural reality.

In truth, we are all totally passionate about architecture and love talking about it whenever we can and to whoever will listen. Wherever we go, we tend to explore and immerse ourselves in architecture and may easily get distracted by the curve of a wall or a choice of cladding. It’s an occupational hazard!

We can’t help but bombard each other and our friends and family with architectural conversation, but last year we had one of those light bulb moments when we realised other people might also be genuinely interested in what we have to say. That moment arose from an open studio session where we met a lovely couple familiar with our work. They wanted to delve deeper into our design theories and hear about our current projects. Their level of curiosity really impressed us.

It got us thinking that there must be other people in and around Christchurch who would love to discuss architecture and would like to get involved with a group that could make that happen.

The ArchiChat Group

As a result, we are thrilled to announce our new initiative for 2019: The ArchiChat Group. In setting this up, our aim is to provide an informal opportunity for people to meet us, get to know us and learn more about what inspires us and how we express our fascination with all things architectural. If you’re not currently on an architecture pathway, but have an interest, then this could be the group for you.

Every few months, we will hold an evening meeting at our office where people can join us for a drink and a casual chat. We would love to share our latest work and design reasoning.

Rather than setting particular topics for each meeting, we see this as something that will evolve and grow. We don’t want this to be a one-sided conversation. Rather, it’s an opportunity to ask questions and express opinions. What we cover in meetings will be shaped by what people want to know. The group could provide a platform to cover trends in the industry and the future of architecture. In a more general sense, we may talk about how art influences architecture or how architecture can be used to futureproof a home.

If this is for you, then please do register your interest at and we will keep you posted!

Published in Metropol Magazine

Published on Thursday, February 14th, 2019