Central Christchurch: A Unique Neighbourhood



The Verve Precinct

In this latest blog series, we are going to explore the different ways the central city is being occupied after the disastrous earthquakes that changed our city forever.

As a practice, we want to introduce housing typologies and demonstrate the different ways to inhabit the city center.

We believe, although many perceive us as architects of suburban family homes, we are experts in creating environments for people to live in. These come in all shapes and sizes. We know our skill sets can be applied to almost any living environment and we will share with you some examples of our work proving just that.Kilmore Street Mulit-Use Complex

Historically, many of the colonial settlers that first made Christchurch their home, came to New Zealand to start a better life. They moved away from grimy, dangerous cities to the safety and space of Christchurch, in the hopes of finding utopia. That expectation of utopia has manifested into what we now know as the quarter acre dream.

Peterborough Street Apartments

So many Kiwis have the desire to buy their own slice of paradise; their own home with a backyard in a quiet, suburban neighbourhood. Away from the dirty, dangerous, industry-orientated central city. The perception that the central city isn’t a place to live but rather a place to work, play and visit has endured through the years. But this couldn’t be further from the truth!


Peterborough Street Housing Co-Operative

Within the four avenues of Christchurch, there are all the amenities needed to live, work and play. Restaurants and cafes within walking distance, shops and supermarkets close at hand and parks and playgrounds on your doorstep. While there may be more commercial activity in the city than in the suburbs, the central city is simply another neighbourhood.

To help consolidate our ideas about Central City Living and start a conversation within the team, we invited Jim Lundy from  Regenerate Christchurch to discuss housing typologies and residential opportunities within the city center. This blog series is the result of those conversations.

Cambridge Terrace Home

Our first project demonstrates that it is possible to build a family home (complete with garden!) and still reside within the four avenues.

The Cambridge Terrace home shows you can have your cake and eat it too!

Read more about this fascinating project in the next chapter, out on the 1st of December.

Published on Friday, November 10th, 2017