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Allfrey + South Internship

My name is Simon Pitcaithly and I’m currently in the process of completing a Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree at Ara Institute of Canterbury As part of the course, students are encouraged to obtain

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The Search for the Perfect Dining Experience!

Whilst trying a new restaurant or café can be exciting, it can also feel like a bit of a risk; with so many opportunities for disappointment! What if the food is bland, the wine

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A Summer Holiday Project

Of the many things I enjoy in my spare time, one of my favourites is restoring, refurbishing and breathing new life into something Whether it’s a house, a classic car, a garden or, as in this case, a piece of furniture, I’ve always been keen to take on a project

Before I continue, a little background I started my working life as an upholsterer in the furniture industry Over a long career I’ve been fortunate to experience working in new furniture, the restoration and recovery of antique furniture; and the

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ALLSO Blogs 2019

Welcome to 2019!

This year, our blogs are going to focus on getting to know our team; their passions outside of the office as well as their opinions on current design trends, innovations in architecture

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