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The Search for the Perfect Dining Experience!

Whilst trying a new restaurant or café can be exciting, it can also feel like a bit of a risk; with so many opportunities for disappointment! What if the food is bland, the wine

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Good Interior Design – What it means to me

Does Interior Design serve any deeper purpose or is it all fashion and frippery?  It’s a good question and it was during my own home renovation that I discovered the answer

In the original layout of our 1940’s home, the kitchen was a 1970’s lean-to addition with a very low ceiling on the south side of the house  The kitchen extractor was wall mounted, didn’t work and a good Southerly could blow through the extractor and into the house!  The cabinetry was

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Can Smaller be Better?

For my husband Chris and I, living small began with a little sleep-out in his parents’ backyard when we were first married It was approximately 3m wide and 9m long, with 3 pokey Read more

Let’s talk Architecture!

Here at Allfrey South Architecture Ltd, we are so passionate about what we do We love designing We love helping turn our clients dreams into reality  We love everything about architecture

And we really love talking about architecture Whenever we can To whoever will listen Or even whoever will pretend they are listening while they make dinner for the children and nod politely!

Our team is constantly thinking about architecture, wherever they go, exploring and immersing themselves in the architecture around

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ALLSO Blogs 2019

Welcome to 2019!

This year, our blogs are going to focus on getting to know our team; their passions outside of the office as well as their opinions on current design trends, innovations in architecture

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