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Central Christchurch: A Unique Neighbourhood- The Kilmore Street Apartment Complex

While buildings are being ripped down around the city, it was a real treat to be working on a site where we had the opportunity to convert an existing building (having been designed specifically for the Canterbury Commerce Club) and construct a new apartment building alongside to create a vibrant mixed-use complex Combining 10 apartments and a commercial space, the development takes advantage of the tree lined street, views to the north and hills to the south, with large openings, private outdoor living spaces and large steel balconies

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Central Christchurch: A Unique Neighbourhood- The Kilmore Street Apartments

As we have previously discussed, a successful city needs to have a mixture of housing typologies, each suiting a different family dynamic This project, The Kilmore Street Apartments, is an investment property specifically aimed at the rental market Quality rental accommodation is vitally important in any city, servicing those that cannot or choose not to purchase their own home Designing an investment property creates new challenges; it can be difficult to find a balance between an attractive, livable home for tenants and a solid, lasting investment for the owner

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Central Christchurch: A Unique Neighbourhood- Peterborough Housing Co-Operative

As demonstrated in The Cambridge Terrace home, not all central city living is high rise and high density There are many other options to explore

The Peterborough Housing Co-Operative Development is a prime example of a medium density development but with a unique twist

Their site, a small step back from Central Christchurch, was originally home to multiple workers cottages; simple small-scale homes with small plots of land This development draws from the density of the sites origins, but distributes the buildings in

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Central Christchurch: A Unique Neighbourhood- Cambridge Terrace Home

One of the most remarkable things about this project is that it is a generous home built on a site many of our clients would have thought of for development In fact, only a couple of streets over, we designed a 5 town-house development on a site of similar size

Although, historically, the street and those surrounding it would have housed relatively sizeable homes for influential families Close to the amenities of the central city, this was considered a desirable residential area Travelling

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Central Christchurch: A Unique Neighbourhood


The Verve Precinct

In this latest blog series, we are going to explore the different ways the central city is being occupied after the disastrous earthquakes that changed our city forever

As a practice, we want to introduce housing typologies and demonstrate the different ways to inhabit the city center

We believe, although many perceive us as architects of suburban family homes, we are experts in creating environments for people to live in These come in all shapes and sizes We know our skill

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